Friday Fun

Monday, May 24, 2010
Not only are we lucky to live just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, but we also are lucky to live just seconds from a river. On occasion, I take the kids to the river beach. The water is calmer than that of the ocean. Crowds and parking aren't issues. It's like a big block party, there are always plenty of families we know there.

On Friday, Harper and I stopped by to play in the sand. After about 30 minutes, a slew of her friends showed up, and fun ensued.


Stephanie said...

You guys are living the life! This must be your favorite time of year.

Sheila said...

Early June and September are my favorite times of the year here. The weather is great, and there are no crowds. This little beach is perfect right now as the "real" beach is still a bit cold...water temps are in the 50's...brrrr!