Friday's Fresh Picks: Favorite Air Travel Items

Friday, November 7, 2014
My family and I hopped on an airplane yesterday to travel to sunny Florida where we will enjoy relaxing for the next 9 days. It used to be that you could expect to get a pillow, blanket, perhaps a small meal during a flight, but those days are long gone. It's now up to you to bring the things you want on board to make your trip a comfortable one.

In light of yesterday's flight to Florida, I'm sharing a few of my essential items for air travel. Be sure to check out all of the Friday's Fresh Picks participants, and as always, enjoy your weekend. xx

1. A cape, sweater, or shawl
{My friend Carly (pictured) from ThirtySomethingFashion hooked me up with this fabulous cape from LOOK}

2. A big carry-on bag
{My go-to bag is an oversized Tory Burch tote similar to this one. It's roomy and durable, perfect for traveling.}

3. Non-electronic entertainment
{I gather my favorite magazines in the week leading up to vacation and stow them in a carry on bag.}

4. Comfy Socks
{My feet are always cold on an airplane. The feel of soft, warm socks on my feet is pure luxury.}

5. Hand wipes
{Being on an airplane can dry out your skin. Opt for wipes that are alcohol-free.}

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