Winter Style: 8 Favorite Celebs

Saturday, November 29, 2014
Celebrities nearly always get it right with their winter style. Whether this is because they have a stylist or a genuine eye for fashion, I don’t know. Regardless, I love to use their outfits as the starting point for many of my own winter ensembles. Here are 8 of the best celeb winter outfits to date (in my opinion)..

1. Olivia Palermo
This lady is the queen of layering! I love the way she recently wore a pair of over the knee boots, jeans, a scarf, and a fur stole with a cardigan. She even tucked the scarf into her belt to keep the look shapely. I love her! Here she looks effortlessly stylish in a soft pink v-neck sweater. You can see more of her must-have style on my Pinterest board Enviable Style.


2. Gwen Stefani
I love the way Gwen Stefani just wears whatever the heck she wants and still looks spectacular. My favorite winter outfit of hers is a colorful leather jogger look that other people might find hard to pull off. She wore red and blue heeled shoes, leather joggers, a white jumper, colorful scarf, and a beanie hat. All with her trademark red lipstick of course.

3. FKA Twigs
FKA has the coolest winter style. She had the chic, punky style of Londoner down pat. I’m not sure I’d wear it, but she looks so hip and makes me feel so old. Her winter style is all about Dr Martens, rolled up boyfriend jeans, bomber jackets, and statement accessories. I wouldn’t wear the bejeweled green backpack she was spotted out with recently, but I'm certain one of my daughters would!

4. Katie Holmes
Now here’s some celebrity fashion would try to pull off myself, but maybe with some nice flat pumps rather than the heels these celebrities wear day in day out. Katie wears a plain pair of jeans, cowl neck jumper, and leather jacket in style. 

5. Christina Hendricks
The gorgeous curvy lady has got quirky winter style down to a T. With her furry bag, wrap dress that shows off her curves, and fedora hat she looks just spectacular. I love her little dog too (who matches the color of her hair nicely).

6. Taylor Swift
Taylor looks classy and cute in her winter outfits, usually opting for brown boots and a navy colored duffle coat. I love how she pulls her fedora off too.

7. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci’s bright blue duffle coat suits her down to a T, but she doesn’t even need to dress it up to look fab. Simple jeans and black boots make her coat the centre of attention. 

8. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba knows that all black outfits are far from boring. She does it the right way, and makes sure that she pairs lots of textures to keep the look interesting. Over the knee boots, studs on her jeans, leather, and fur around her neck. Her look is a winner for me!

These 8 winter outfits are some of my favorite to date. Looking to celebrities for inspiration is always helpful, even if I wouldn’t dare to wear some of the things that they do. Leave a comment to let me know which your favorite look is!

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