November 2014 Fashion Guide: What You Need Now #StylishMom

Monday, November 17, 2014
Now that we are well into November, it is time for a quick fashion guide. The weather has dropped to super cold levels this month, and so we need to re-think our wardrobes a little. There is something classic about a winter wardrobe. Now is the time when we can layer-up materials and start to get cozy ahead of Christmas. If you want to find some great fashion pieces without breaking the bank, you'll need to shop with care. Here are a few of my favorite items for November 2014.

Stylish Sweaters
It is time to break out your sweaters once again. Finding sweaters that flatter your figure and look fashionable can be a little tricky. If you are quite curvy, it is wise to opt for sweaters with no pattern on them. Patterns tend to make people look bigger and bulkier than they are. If you can't do without a pattern on your sweater, opt for vertical stripes, as they will flatter your body shape. Slim women need to look for sweaters that suit them as well. If you are quite thin, you should choose sweaters in bold, dark colors. One thing that is truly exciting this year is the comeback of the v-neck sweater. For a long time, these sweaters went out of fashion, which was a shame because they flatter every body type. Now they are back and bigger than ever.

Leather and Faux Leather Pieces

Leather is great during the winter as it offers a high level of protection from the snow and cold weather. If you don't own any leather items in your current wardrobe, choose one or two to add to your look. When you are buying anything that is leather, you need to make sure that you follow some simple rules. Ensure that the leather is thick and strong. Some manufacturers try to fool people by using thin leather because it is cheaper than thick leather. You should make sure that the piece you get is tailor-made. Shinola and other online vendors will offer a tailored service. When your budget won't allow, opt for faux leather.

The Perfect Coat

Finding the right coat to suit your style can be difficult. When you are looking for a new winter coat, you will find that there is an array of styles available to you. Avoid raincoats. These two styles are en vogue right now, but they will do nothing to keep you warm. Instead, go for a faux fur-trimmed design. These coats are also quite popular and keep you nice and toasty during the winter months.

Woolen Pantyhose
You might think that woolen pantyhose are for grannies, but you are wrong. Woolen pantyhose look fantastic when you pair them with some luxury boots. Opt for a pair of pantyhose that are colorful. Bright red, orange or green pantyhose look festive, yet stylish. Make sure that you find quality pantyhose, or you could find that they ladder easily.

Beautiful Boots

Every girl searches for the right boots each year. If you are struggling to find the right pair of boots this season, you need a little advice. Again, if you can find a pair of boots with a faux fur trim, they will look great. You should also look for leather boots with a slight heel. Suede and leather ankle boots were all over the catwalks this year, and so you should consider investing in a pair.

Little Extras

One thing I adore about winter is winter accessories. Woolen mittens and a cashmere scarf are both on my wish list this year. The beauty of cold weather is that it gives you an excuse to wrap up warm. Finding small accessories to complete your look will mean that you look sleek and stylish all season.

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