Exciting Things To Do This Summer

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
I cannot wait for the summer! It is already getting warm here in New Jersey, which can only mean one thing - summer is on its way. This year, I want to make every moment count. As the hot season is my favorite time of year, I want to make sure that I make the most of it. Here is my personal checklist of the things I want to do. Feel free to steal it and add some things to it yourself!

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1. Take the kids to a theme park
Children adore theme parks and attractions, so why not treat them? These tourist points seem to make great days out for kids. I have already purchased tickets to a theme park that we haven't visited in 10 years. I know it might seem stressful to take your kids to one of these parks, but if you plan out the day ahead of time, it will be easier than you imagine. I promise.

2. Book yourself a spa day
Summers can be stressful with the kids home from school full-time. Take some time out for yourself and you'll be grateful that you did. We all need some time out, don't we? I know I do. When summer comes around, I can't wait to book myself into a local spa and enjoy a day of pure pampering. Whether you prefer getting a massage or having a facial or a manicure, having a relaxing treatment will help you to relieve your stress and unwind. If you book your place in advance, you might score a great deal. Start looking now and see what deals there are online.

3. Shop for a brand new look
The summer season means just one thing - it's time to start shopping! If you want to look fantastic this year, you'd better hit the stores and buy yourself some brand new clothes. Keep your eyes out for sales. I also subscribe to the email notifications for some of my favorite stores. This way, I am one of the first to know if there is a sale or a daily special. And don't forget about your local boutiques. They offer a fabulous selection, and you are guaranteed to look original. I recently went to The Mills at Jersey Gardens and found some fantastic pieces for my wardrobe.

4. Take your kids to the theater
If your kids have never been to the theater, now is an ideal time to take them. After all, it is never too early to start exposing your little ones to a bit of culture. Much of the time, theaters will offer family discounts or even free summer performances in the park. Look for a family-friendly show or a musical that they will love.

5. Start learning a new skill
I am big believer that you should never stop learning new things. I want to keep learning for as long as I can. Whether it's learning a new language, taking up a new sport, learning to play an instrument such as learning to play the piano, you might as well give it a go now. I encourage you to try something new. You may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you learn to love something new.

6. Go on a staycation
The summer is the best time of year to take a staycation. Whether you visit another state or your hometown, you will be sure to have the time of your life. Set a a small budget and start looking for deals now and see whether there is one within your budget. It is also worth looking at train tickets to visit a nearby city rather than incurring the cost of air travel. I hope that my little checklist inspires you to start planning your summer.

Don't let the summer pass you buy without doing at least one thing from this list. Start making your own list now!

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