5 Ways To Get Your Kids Off Their Computer Screens

Thursday, June 25, 2015
One of the most obvious parenting challenges I've experienced in recent years is dragging my girls away from their screens. TV, video games, mobile phones, tablets, and the Internet are all great things, but there’s a limit. It can be difficult to get your children to realize the benefits of living in an unplugged world, but it is possible with a little creativity.

Here are five ways we plan time off of our phones and computers to help our children appreciate the world around them.

Cook Together
Eating is a crucial staple of human life,and it’s important to teach your child the benefits of a healthy balanced diet. There’s no better way than teaching them to cook at an early age. Making food from scratch will always be healthier than buying the additive soaked store products, and this is also a great way to bond with your child. By cooking a treat like cupcakes, you can also let them use math skills with the measuring and their imaginations with the designs. And at the end you get a tasty end product too.

Throw A Party
Parties form some of the most memorable moments of any young child’s life, and the memories often stay with us forever. Treating your kid to a special afternoon with their friends is a great way to encourage activity and socializing within a controlled environment. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to treat them. Meanwhile, solutions from www.justpretendkids.com offer an affordable and very easy way to host a party for their friends in the safety of your own home.

Encourage Traditional Learning
Computers are a great tool for education, but children can still gain a lot from learning via the old and trusted methods. This is especially true if you sprinkle a little bit of creativity to the process. Building their own book is a great way to encourage creative thinking as well as practicing important skills like spelling, storytelling and writing. The physical end product can also be kept as a fantastic memento.

Play A Sport
Sporting activities are a fundamental part of life and are a fantastic way to help your child grow physically and mentally. Being part of a sport team gives your child an instant purpose and also encourages them to make new friendships. Moreover, it shows them the benefits of teamwork, striving for a goal, and a whole host of other benefits. With so many sporting options available, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a one that your child loves.

Grow A Garden
If you’ve got a garden, then this is your secret weapon to getting the kids away from their computer screens. The garden is a great place to help them discover the beauty of nature. Also, gardening with them gives them a chance to create a project for them to take care of and maintain responsibility. Start appreciating the garden as a family and you’ll notice their computer time take a dramatic fall.

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