Holiday First Aid Essentials

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
The holidays can be a heyday for injuries. From something as simple as a cat scratch to something more major like a burn, the holiday season presents many opportunities for injuries to occur. With more time spent in the kitchen and outdoors, it's a good idea to stock up on first aid supplies and be prepared.

Here are a few of the products to have on hand during the holiday season to avoid meltdowns and trips to the local walk-in clinic.

Is there any product that is more successful at stifling a child's cry than BAND-AID®s? Put one on a cut, scrape, or scratch, and you are good to go. Make them fun, colorful, and filled with your child's favorite characters, and you are seconds away from completely calming your child.

2. Neosporin
Before you put on the BAND-AID®s, apply a thin layer of Neosporin, a powerful pain relief ointment or cream that works on contact.

3. Compeed Blister Cushions
These blister cushions are a lifesaver after a long night of holiday partying in heels. These protective pads stay on for days and provide comfort from rubbing and pressure of blisters.

4. Children's Motrin
Whether it's a fever or a child with a headache caused by overstimulation, the holidays can be exhausting for all of us. A single dose and a little downtime sprinkled in will do your child good.

I like to keep a small first aid kit handy for the holidays. I include all of the above items as well as alcohol pads and cotton swabs.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson for providing these products to keep us safe during the holidays.

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