Making Your Home Safer for the Kids

Monday, December 21, 2015
Protecting our children is a motherly instinct for all us. We want nothing more than to keep our kids safe and secure. They are young and innocent, but there are so many dangers and risks that they face each day even in our own homes as they play just feet from us.

The best way to combat risks to your children's safety is to identify them. There are the obvious things such as ramping up your home security with a system or guards. But there are also a lot of things around your home in plain view that you might not even think about that pose risks to the kids. Here are a few items to be on the lookout for and tips for getting them out of harm's way.

Keep the Bleach Out of Reach!
There are many chemicals and hazardous substances that are necessary to have in the home. These might include bleach, kerosene, lighter fluid, and other types of cleaning products. What you need to remember is that these can be highly toxic, corrosive, and flammable. They have to be handled with the utmost care. The problem is that kids don’t know this, and they’re too young to understand the risks. For many young children, everything is a toy. That’s why you have to take it upon yourself to make sure you keep the bleach out of reach. This means that you need to keep it under lock and key, or store it somewhere high where the children can’t reach it.
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Fix Faulty Wiring
There are other dangers in the home aside from chemicals.  For example, you might be experiencing faulty wiring. This can lead to all sorts of dangers such as electrocution. Take steps to get the wiring fixed as soon as you can. You don’t want a kid turning the light, on or plugging something in, and getting electrocuted. Hire a Graham and Sons Electrician to nip this problem in the bud, and get it resolved right away.

Don’t Leave Tools Lying Around
With any home comes household tools and equipment. You’re going to need these in order to do DIY projects and the usual home repairs. However, a lot of these tools can be dangerous in the hands of young kids. They could cause themselves or others harm. Toys looks like fun to a child. Make sure you don’t leave them lying around that they might pick them up and start causing damage to someone else or even your home. Make sure everything is put away as soon as you’re finished with it. This might seem like a pain, but it’s important for making the home safer for your kids.

It's my role as a mother to make sure my children are safe from harm. Be vigilant to the risks that they might face and take immediate steps to remove those risks. Your home should be a safe and secure environment for the whole family.

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