How To Create A Safe and Comfortable Home

Monday, March 13, 2017
It’s important that you create a home in which your children know they belong and in which they feel safe. They may not be comfortable in the wide world yet, but their quest for self-realization starts at home. If they can’t belong there, then where?

I always say that everything is relative. Although, to adults, the life of a child can seem idyllic and carefree, life can be hard when you’re young. You may not have to worry about work or bills, but things are far from carefree. Our little ones have to cope with the mammoth task of finding their place in the world. And let’s not forget how difficult school can be between academics and socialization. We may look back at them as the best days of our lives, but your kids have yet to gain those rose tinted glasses. You only have to look at how much homework they have to realize that school is challenging! 

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Happiness plays a big part in a child's attitude. Everyone's definition of a "happy home" is different, but it's out job to ensure our home is a happy one. All households have troubles, and one person’s unhappy may seem like bliss to another. For the most part, though, a happy home is a safe one. On the most basic level, that starts with the area you’ve chosen to live in. If your children are kept awake by fighting in the street, car alarms, or police sirens, they’ll find it hard to feel safe. If that’s the case, a home move should be in the cards. On a more detailed level, your child needs to feel safe in the family unit. If they see you and your partner arguing or you and a child arguing, they may feel that their family isn’t stable. And, what child could feel safe with that going on? Try to avoid raised voices in the home wherever possible. Make an effort to ensure your family is one that supports each other and speaks in encouraging tones.

Your house itself also plays a part in how happy your children feel. If paint is peeling off the walls, and nothing works the way it should, turn to a company like Million Dollar Makeovers . A home that looks good will make the whole family more comfortable. It’ll also ensure it’s a place your children look forward to returning to. Not to mention that they’ll be proud to have their friends over! A lot of unhappiness in children comes from a feeling of inadequacy. Don’t increase the pressure by providing a home that they feel ashamed of.

Last on the list is ensuring your child has a space of their own within your home. My daughters shared a bedroom many years ago, and once the oldest started kindergarten, she felt too old to be room-sharing. From nursery to teen bedroom, the space you provide for your youngsters will play a huge part in who they become. If they don’t have space, or they have to share it, they’ll find it harder to develop a sense of self. This is especially the case when they get older. Teens, by nature, spend a lot of time in their rooms. Rather than this being a problem, it’s an essential part of self-realization. Time alone is the best time to find out who you are, after all.

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