Food Trend Alert: The Paleo Diet

Saturday, March 4, 2017
The eating plan known as the Paleo diet is a food trend that's sweeping the nation. But what is Paleo and what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating in this way?

What is Paleo?
So imagine the scene. You are somewhere in the Paleolithic era. There are no towns, and there is certainly no large-scale production or manufacturing of food. In fact, when you get a hunger pang, someone has to go out and hunt your dinner. Or you have to make use of the roots and berries that you have foraged for earlier.
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Now compare this to our prepackaged sandwich and ready-to-eat-meal world we live in now. Which do you think is the more healthier of the two? If you chose Paleo, then you are probably right. That is what the supporters of this eating plan would argue anyway.

In essence, the Paleo diet is eating only things that would be valuable and available to our Paleolithic selves. So meats, fats, fish vegetables, and fruits, as well as nuts and seeds. The idea behind it is that our bodies have evolved to be able to easily process these foods. Therefore that is what we need to regulate our weight and maximize our health.

What foods can't you eat on a Paleo diet?
However, this means that are quite a lot of foods that are banned from the list if you are following the Paleo diet. These include dairy, alcohol, grains and things made from them. As well as refined sugar and legumes.

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Staying away from these types of food which are popular in many people’s diets can be a bit of struggle for some. In particular, the Paleo diet doesn't allow you to eat grains or grain products. This is because agriculture was not developed to the point that such food would be accessible in the Paleolithic period.

That means no alcohol which is made from brewed grains, or anything made with flour like these yummy treats. Also, most folks had to say goodbye to pasta and bread too when the diet first came out!

However, there is now some innovative companies coming out with products that are grain free like bread from Deeks and pasta from Capello’s. Which means you can still eat your favorite food while giving this diet a go.

To eat Paleo or not?

Well, the Paleo diet is chocked full of whole food that is high in nutrition, water, and fiber so this can only be a good thing for your body. It is also likely that it can help you lose weight and keep that weight off if you stick to it.

But it isn't without its critics. Some folks believe that cutting out any food group at all is a bad idea. As it limits the variety of nutrients that your body gets. As well as encourages issue like disorder eating. Which is a big problem for many folks these days with all that contradictory advice flying around on the internet.

Some folks also struggle with how they feel when they are coming off sugar and increasing their consumption of protein and fats. They can get flu-like symptoms. Although these symptoms are said to pass in a couple of days.

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