4 Easy Ways To Give Your Home a Clean and Airy Feel

Sunday, March 5, 2017
Is your home feeling a little tired and dreary? Now that the days are getting longer and warmer with hints of spring, it's the perfect time to refresh your home and start your spring cleaning. It’s always nice when you can get the windows open, get the air circulating and enjoy the fresh spring air.

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Here are a few quick and easy ways you create a home that feels bright, airy, and beautiful.

Clean and Declutter
Once your space is completely clean and tidy you’ll have a clean slate and know exactly what you’re working with. Stock up on cleaning equipment, put your rubber gloves on and dive in! Give everywhere a solid cleaning. Pull out furniture and vacuum behind where dust bunnies collect and linger. Put curtains and cushion covers in the washing machine and hire a carpet cleaner to get the carpets clean. Any areas you miss on a regular day’s cleaning can be done now such as washing windows, cleaning mirrors, wiping down electrical equipment, dusting trim and base boards. Don’t forget to organize bathroom and kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Touch Up Paintwork
It’s so easy for people to brush passed and cause scuff marks, dirty handprints, and overall wear on walls. A quick paint touch up or a fresh, new coat of paint will help your walls look clean and new again.

Install or Assess Your Air Conditioning Unit
During the summer when it’s hot and sticky, air conditioning keeps your home cool and airy rather than stuffy and uncomfortable. If you already have a system installed, consider having it looked at by an air conditioning service and repair company. Chances are you’ve not used it much over the winter, and this will just ensure everything is running as it should before the first stifling day hits. To further improve the air quality, buy an air purifier and dehumidifier. The purifier removes pollution, smoke, pollen and other airborne nasties which can cause stuffiness and irritation. The dehumidifier removes moisture meaning you’re less likely to get mould and condensation.

Add Fresh Flowers
One of my favorite ways to add color, energy, and life to a room is with fresh flowers. They have been shown to improve mood and boost happiness, plus they’re a great way to bring color into the home. They look bright and cheery, and are a quick and easy way to bring some spring-like goodness into your rooms. Daffodils and tulips are both springing up everywhere now meaning you can buy bunches of them cheaply in grocery stores and florists. Otherwise just choose a seasonal bouquet or a bunch of your favorite blooms to display in a vase. One of my favorites is peonies.

Have you started brightening up your home in anticipation of the warmer weather yet? Do you do a traditional ‘spring clean?’

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