7 Must-Have Items for Your One Year Old Baby

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
7 Must-Have Items for Your One Year Old Baby.jpg

Do you love to buy things for your baby? For me, it always took away the stresses of the day. Buying cute clothes, shoes and even her milk and food had a way of calming my senses and making me feel good. Seeing my girls in their new clothes made me smile.

There are a lot of things that a baby needs to feel comfortable and content. These items include necessities such as clothes, milk, and blankets while there are also privilege items like baby push walker and expensive toys.

When your baby turns a year older, there are even more things to consider. You can find a few of these examples in the list below.

1. Choose Different Types of Clothes

At the age of one, your baby will start to grow bigger. His body will no longer fit his newborn clothes, and he will need to start wearing other types of clothes aside from one-piece outfits or bodysuits.

Choose clothes that will look good on your baby. You can be more creative and start dressing him up with clothing accessories like ties, hats, and ribbons. You can also choose clothes that are similar to what adults wear.

Your baby will also need to have good shoes. Select shoes that are designed for a one-year-old so it will fit his feet and will not be painful when he starts to walk. You can also choose cool designs for his shoes.

2. Invest In A New Car Seat

Your baby can sit upright in the car now that he is bigger. But, he is still too small to sit on his own. A car seat will give your baby support when seated inside the car. It can secure him in using the seatbelt, and you will feel confident even when he is at the back.

When buying a car seat, make sure that your baby can fit right in. It must have comfortable cushions so his body will feel at ease sitting on it. Choose durable materials so you can be assured of safety for your baby.

3. Move To A Crib

Many newborns sleep in a bassinet during their first year. But, now that your baby is a year older, he needs to have a wider sleeping area. A crib will give your baby all the space he needs while securing him in place.

I would recommend buying a new crib than using an old one. Cribs must adhere to updated safety standards, and many old cribs will not meet current standards. Cribs must be sturdy so it will not create an accident with your baby in it. While you are buying a new crib, also purchase mattresses and pillows that will match the size of the crib.

4. Use A High Chair

It will be better for him to learn how to sit on his own while being fed. A highchair will support your baby while sitting down. It also secures your baby in place even when he tries to move around.

You can also buy feeding utensils for him such as a bowl, spoon, and cups. Choose colorful utensils so it will be fun for him when he is eating.

5. Use A Bigger Bathtub

When my girls were newborns, we used a small baby bath tub to bathe them. But when they became one year old, we bought a big bathtub and eventually stopped using the baby tub for them to play while taking a bath.

The bathtub does not need to be very big. You can choose a tub that will fit your baby while giving him extra space to move his hands and feet. Add toys like a rubber ducky to make bathing extra special for him.

You can also choose a shampoo and soap that is good for a one-year-old. Buy washcloths for your baby to use.

6. Install Safety Equipment

Now that your baby will start to stand and walk, he will try to explore the entire house. It will be difficult for you look after him every second.

Install safety equipment around the house so whenever he runs around the living room, he will not get a bump on the table or try to open cabinet doors. Use a safety latch on the doors and install a fence at the bottom of the stairs.

7. Buy Colorful Toys

Your baby will appreciate more toys now that his senses are developed. He will enjoy seeing colors and touching different textures from toys. He will also love listening to different sounds.

Buy toys for your baby but make sure they are ideal for his age. Choose interactive toys that will encourage the use of his senses.

Give Your Baby Only the Best!.jpg

Give Your Baby Only the Best!

When it comes to our babies, we want only the best of everything. We want to give them the perfect clothes, toys, enough food and anything that they need. Knowing what will make them feel comfortable and help them in their growth will give us a clue on the right things we need to buy for them.

Before my girls turned one, I started looking for ideas on what to buy her. I looked online for suggestions to buy for a one-year-old and asked family and friends. I was enjoying every second of shopping for my baby.

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