Gift Guide: For The Cats

Monday, December 11, 2017
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It wouldn't be Christmas without spoiling my cats with a few fun, feline-friendly gifts. I've rounded up a few of my favorites in today's featured holiday gift guide. Whether you've got a cat of your own or you're buying for one, here are few fun gift ideas.

1. Cat Scratching Pad
If you have a cat and a laptop, chances are your cat loves lounging by your laptop as your surf the web. Give your cat her own laptop with this laptop scratching pad. This DJ cat scratching pad is super funny and cute too.

2. Peek A Prize Toy Box
This is the ideal toy for the kitty who loves to play and hunt. Add your own toys, balls, or even cat treats, and your cat will enjoy hours of play.

3. Catnip Bubbles
These catnip bubbles are 100% natural. Our cats have so much fun with these and the catnip is an added delight.

4. Catnip Fortune Cookies
Filled with farm fresh organic catnip, these fleece fortune cookies will give your cat something to meow about!

5. Taco Cat Bed
Catnaps are made better when they are taken on taco cat beds.

6. Brooklyn Pet House
Your cat can have an affordable Brooklyn address with this adorable cardboard house. Bonus: it's Instagram-worthy!

7. Cat DVD
This DVD will provide hours of entertainment for your feline. With 100 different segments of constant action and catertainment, your cats will be never be bored again.

8. Taco Catnip
Your cat will go crazy for this handmade, catnip stuffed taco treat.

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