Gift Guide: For The Francophile

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I have a soft spot for anything French-themed. Of all the European countries I've visited, France is by far my favorite. In honor of my love affair with all things French and Parisian, today's gift guide is for all my fellow Francophiles out there. If you've got a French-loving person on your list and you have no idea what to buy, look no further.

1. Paris Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt combines chic and sporty, and I love that combo! The Eiffel Tower paired with thick varsity lettering makes this sweatshirt a great pairing with leggings or black jeans.

2. Paris City Map
I love these city map posters. They are such a fun and different way to decorate. For any Parisian wannabe, this map would make the perfect gift.

3. Merci T-Shirt
This tee is the quintessential French tee. The Breton stripes with there Merci insignia are a Francophile's dream come true.

4. Cocktail Napkins
I'm a sucker for a cute cocktail napkin. And besides, how many great conversations begin with "These napkins are adorable"? I always try to have a fun cocktail napkin for parties, and this one takes the cake.

5. Phone Case
I also happen to be a sucker for French bulldogs too. Ahhh, this case makes me so happy. Like so happy that I'd probably never take it off my phone.

6. Passport Cover
While completely unnecessary, passport covers are so fun. Bando (the brand that makes this particular one) makes such cute ones like this one that I own.

7. Trinket Tray
I have trinket trays scattered strategically all over my home to catch and corral loose and similar objects. They are an especially fun and easy way to keep frequently worn jewelry at the ready.

8. Slippers
In recent years I've become very serious about slippers (i.e., the cuter the better). Long gone are the days of wearing beat up slippers around the house. These days the cuteness factor of a pair of slippers must be taken into consideration before I purchase them. And if we are being honest here. These Eiffel Tower slippers are pretty darn cute.

9. Tote Bag
I have an unlimited collection of tote bags. One for every mood and destination. This one, however, is perfect for any trip whether it's the farmers market, grocery store, the gym, or a friend's house.

10. Kitchen Towel
Add a little Parisian flair to your kitchen with this colorful kitchen towel. Dotted with favorite Parisian landmarks this is a must for the frequent visitor or someone who's been to Paris only once. 

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