5 Gifts For Every Wine Lover

Friday, December 14, 2018
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If you've got someone on your gift list who is a big fan of wine, you may be surprised by how many wine accessories are out there for gifting. Every wine lover needs the ideal wine gadgets to make that glass of satisfaction taste even sweeter. Here are five gift ideas for the wine lover on your list.

Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer
The majority of wines taste far better when they’re served at the correct temperature. This type of wine thermometer can be attached to the bottle like a belt and tells you the exact temperature of the wine. What many people fail to notice is that some of the more expensive bottles will have an ideal temperature guide on the back of the bottle, so you know when the wine will taste its best. The thermometer is small and compact, so you can store it away in a kitchen drawer when you need to.

Wine Cooler
Sticking with wine temperature, the majority of white wines are best served cold. To keep them suitably chilled to the right temperature, you can’t go without a decent wine cooler. However, you’ll be surprised by the amount of choices out there. Cooling wine can be as simple or as complex as you like. From coolers that just chill your wine, to coolers that alert you when your wine reaches a specific temperature.

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Wall Wine Rack
Wine racks aren’t just a place to store your wine anymore. They can become an art piece within the home. There are so many different racks to choose from, including custom solid oak to metal and marble. A wall wine rack is a wonderful feature of any room. It also gives wine lovers a chance to display their preferences and knowledge of wine.

Finger Food Plate Slips
Wine is a great accompaniment to food. No matter what meal you’re eating, you can be sure there’s a wine that pairs with it perfectly. Many wine lovers enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, but when you host a party with finger foods while people mingle, it can become difficult to eat, drink and walk around at the same time. The finger food plate slips slide onto your finger like a ring. You can use them to hold your finger foods while holding your glass of wine in the other hand. It makes things a whole lot more convenient for you and your guests.

Corkscrew Attachment for Your Screwdriver
Ever had trouble getting the cork out of a bottle wine? Having to hash the cork out of the bottle can ruin the wine entirely, but you don’t need to have that problem anymore. You can now purchase a corkscrew attachment to your Bosch IXO Vino Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver. So, when you’ve got the neighbors over for a drink, you can impress them with something they’re unlikely to see anywhere else.

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