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Saturday, December 29, 2018

I published 242 blog posts in 2018. That was about 50 less than I published in 2017. But I like to think that this little blog is more about quality than quantity. Here are the 10 most popular posts of 2018.

1. Life Is Short
This post is a reflection of my sister-in-law's sudden passing in August and really struck a chord with readers.

2. Shift Happens
My girls are growing up and becoming more independent of me. In this post, I examine my relationship with them as they are coming into their own.

3. Our Trip To Utah
In August we traveled to Salt Lake City and Alta, Utah for my nephew's wedding. It was breathtaking and full of new adventures.

4. Style Crush: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
Even today, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy still exemplifies grace and style.

5. 5 Tips For Loving Your Workouts
My 5 tried and true tips for establishing a love-love relationship with your workouts.

6. What To Wear To a White Party
Dressing for a white party can seem daunting. Here are tips and outfit ideas to make you look fabulous for the party.

7. Ways To Take Care of Yourself When You Are a Busy Mom
Motherhood is demanding. We can't lose sight of taking care of ourselves as we care for our families.

8. My Favorite Post-Workout Snacks
Easy to prepare, grab and go snacks to that aid in recovery and replenish your energy post-workout.

9. How To Boost Your Budget So You Can Buy More Clothes
My tips for saving so your budget stretches a little more so you can buy the things you want.

10. How To Use Mirrors To Decorate Your Home 
For most people, mirrors are a necessity of everyday life. But they can also be used to strategically decorate your home.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve and all the best for 2019!

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