My Best Buys of 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
I made countless purchases this year, but only a few stood out. From experiences and travel to beauty and home, here's a short list of my best purchases of 2018.

1. CoxRx Acne Master Pimple Patch ($6/pkg. of 24) - I've been a devotee to Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion as a cure for my pesky pimples. But when I discovered this product from Korean brand COSRX via the Forever35 podcast, I immediately bought them and added them to my regime with the drying lotion. They are tiny medicated stickers that come in various sizes. You simply apply the sticker to your pimple, and it draws out impurities to significantly reduce the size of the pimple. I generally wear them overnight as needed. But if you are home on the weekends, you could pop one on in the morning and leave it all day.

2. Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($199) - I've wanted a Le Creuset Dutch oven for years. This year, I finally bought one, and I've never looked back. Although they are quite an investment, they are completely worth it if you cook often. I've had knock-off brand Dutch ovens in the past, and they've never lasted. I bought mine in April and have used it over and over again, and it shows no signs of use. I make everything from soups to bacon to pasta to baked goods in it.

3. Faux Fiddle Fig Leaf Plant ($55) - I've had terrible luck with fiddle fig leaf plants. I've killed countless numbers of them and finally gave up on them and resigned myself to having a home without one since most faux plants are incredibly expensive. That was until I saw this one from advertised on Instagram. I immediately jumped on ordering it...for $55 how could I resist? It finally arrived the other day after being on back order for 2+ months, and it looks impressively real. I bought a basket at HomeGoods to place it in since the base is plain black and very utilitarian looking.

4. What's Gaby Cooking Cookbook ($30) - Gaby Dalkin is one of my favorite food bloggers. When her book came out earlier this year, I was so excited to try recipes that are exclusive to the book and not found on her blog. I've made many of the recipes so far but still have a ways to go to make all that are included in her book. A few of my favorites are the blueberry bliss smoothie, veggie fajita tacos, gooey chocolate chip cookie squares, and green goddess dip.

5. Our Trip To Utah (Priceless) -  I often find myself randomly thinking of our trip to Salt Lake City and Alta, Utah. I know that part of the fond memories include my nephew's wedding, but it was also an incredible trip apart from that. I probably wouldn't have chosen to go there for a vacation, but I couldn't be happier that my nephew and his wife chose their current hometown as the spot to get married. I'll bet it's even more breathtaking this time of year with the snow on the mountains (although you'll find me basking in the hot tub while taking in the view from the steaming water!)

6. Slice & Smash Avocado Tool ($16) - This is what happens to you when you watching HSN late at night. This tool sucked me in with its promising capabilities. It wasn't until I used it for the first time that I realized just how useful it is. I make a lot of avocado toast and guacamole, and this tool has been a game-changer and a time saver. It works for smashing bananas when making banana bread too!

7. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant ($8) - Over the past few years, I've tried what seems like every natural deodorant. Some smelled great but didn't offer the coverage I needed. Others offered great coverage but the smell was unbearable. Then I found a travel size stick of Schmidt's at Marshalls, so I bought it, and I've been hooked ever since. It glides on smoothly, is effective, and long-lasting. My favorite scent is the Bergamot + Lime, but all the scents are good...just depends on what you prefer.

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