I Hate That - Last minute party invitation

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Emma came home from school today and emptied her backpack...as she always does. In her folder was a birthday party invitation. For a party on Saturday. It's Wednesday. What the @#&%! Who does that? Who sends invitations 3 days before a party? We should be RSVP'ing 3 days before the party, not receiving the invite.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing irritates me more than poor planning and non-existent organizational skills. I cannot tolerate it. C'mon, it's not like the kid ran up to his mom yesterday and said, "Hey, mom, don't forget my birthday is on Saturday." We are well aware of our children's birthdays. Plus, the class invitation rule is that if you hand them out in school, they must be given to each and every child. So, it's not as if Emma were an afterthought. And, it's not the first time this has happened. The Monday prior to Thanksgiving Emma received an invitation for a party on Friday, the day following Thanksgiving. Get real. Who has a birthday party on Thanksgiving weekend, the busiest travel holiday of the year????????

I have half a mind to call these parents and give them my 2 cents. But I never would. I figure they'll suffer enough embarrassment and disappointment when the party is a big flop because they were too disorganized to get the invitations out in a timely fashion.

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Me, too!!!!!!