What's Your Decorating Style?

Monday, March 16, 2009
So, I've been really into home decor and re-design lately. I've completed several small projects and have some others planned for the spring. As part of my research, I've been combing the Internet for different sites that offer design inspiration. Since my walls are white, and I like them that way, I've been adding bold splashes of color here and there. Pillows, lamp shades, wall art.

I've recently discovered Sproost, a design Web site based on your personal style, not a style that the market or current trend dictates. To begin, you complete a quiz to help you identify your personal style. After your style is determined, Sproost recommends different design elements to help you create your perfect room. Or you can create it from scratch by choosing furniture and accessories. It's so much fun!

To begin, click here to take the quiz.

By the way, my style preferences are:
33% contemporary
33% cottage chic
33% Nantucket style


Anonymous said...

You have the most interesting links!!! I loved the 123 ABC...and am anxious to try the 3 from today!
Hope you had a fun weekend!

Katie said...

Now how did I miss Sheila? I read your blog all the time, at least a few times a week!

Thanks for sharing the link to your post in my comments. You are divided up pretty equally. I thought cottage and Nantucket were the same thing, shows how much I know!

I actually thought I'd get contemporary at least a little bit, but according to the results I'm way more traditional than I thought.

I see you're reading the Kate Gosselin book, how are you liking in? I find that show so facinating and can't imagine! But I think she can be awfully mean to Jon.

Plus I found it odd that he was talking on the season finale about how he didn't like being known only for the show, and yet he's quit his IT job and their income is from the show or directly because of the show from appearance fees. You can't have it both ways!