Reinventing the lantern

Monday, March 30, 2009
I found this old and rusty lantern in my garage a few weeks ago while attempting to de-clutter. A few years ago, this would have landed in the trash, but thanks to the inspiration I've found on other blogs, the lantern was saved from a life in a landfill!

Before: Rusty with painter's tape...ready for it's face lift!
After: A nautical delight! I used a can of low-VOC spray paint in powder blue. What a transformation!

I'm so glad that I didn't throw this beauty away years ago!


Kendra said...

That is co cute! I love it!

PMKU said...

Here comes the UBP prize train....TOOT TOOT!!!! You're a winner, stay tuned! #1180

April said...

Great job Sheil! Is there anything you can't do :-) xoxo