Making our preschool rounds

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Is it really that time already? Time to start touring preschools? I can hardly believe that my baby is three and she'll be off to school in the fall. I remember it clearly when I did the tours with Emma. I procrastinated like crazy and didn't start the research until late August. Yes, that was a mere 2 weeks before Emma was to start school. I panicked about availability. I worried that there wouldn't be a spot for her anywhere. I won't put myself through that again.

Since we no longer live in the same town that we did 4 years ago when Emma entered 3-year preschool, we can't send Harper to the same preschool Emma attended. And I wouldn't choose to do so...I wasn't incredibly fond of the school. We've got to take a look at a few schools. Now, I'm not fanatical about where she goes. This isn't the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We have no plans to throw $50,000 at her preschool education. But I want to be somewhat selective and prioritize what's important to us. At this point, socialization is our top priority. Since she's been home with me since birth, her exposure to other children has been limited. Other than her several, weekly activities, the time she has spent with peers has been minimal.

We toured a school on Monday and loved it! It offers a 2-day/week class for 3-year olds with a choice of 1 of 3 time slots. Because it is operated in conjunction with our local municipality, registrants must be residents of our town. It's located at our local recreation center, which conveniently, is located 4 minutes from our home. Yay! I love that!! I was impressed by the curriculum, and the average tenure of the teachers is 10 years.

I want to get her in to this school. But, and it's a big but, there is no open registration. Registration begins on April 27th. First to show up are the first to secure a spot. So, can you guess where I'll be on the morning of April 27? Yep...camping out at the rec. center!


Kendra said...

I can't believe that Harp is already 3 and Austin will be turning 3 in just a few months......that's just crazy!!!

Sheila said...

I know! It seem like just yesterday when they were tiny babies at Knoebels!

Katie said...

Good luck getting in, we just got ER signed up for preschool and got the time slot we wanted. We're thrilled, I hope we made the right decision about where to send her. It's the local co-op and right down the street from where Brad works. It's mainly about socialization and learning proper school manners for us because she's an only child right now.