Like night and day

Saturday, March 28, 2009
I'm always amazed by how vastly different my children are. They share the same DNA and are being reared in the same environment, but other than that, they share very little...including toys! My oldest looks like Daddy...brown hair, brown eyes. My youngest looks like me...blond hair, blue eyes. Physical differences are only the beginning.

Emma, my oldest, follows the first child stereotype. She's responsible, smart as a whip, exercises discretion and shows restraint, but can be quite moody. Harper, my youngest, is impulsive, fiercely independent, and sensitive, but has the most pleasant disposition any three year old could have. Emma has a tendency to be high strung. She panics in a crisis. Harper is laid back, almost to the point of being defiant at times.

From a mom's perspective, the differences can be frustrating. It's difficult to meet both of their needs when the needs vary greatly from child to child. Most days are uneventful, but occasionally, when each exhibits the above traits to the hilt, it's a challenge.

My mother-in-law gave me some great advice recently. She told me that every child is different. Her four were unique and each one presented her with challenges. She said the key is not to cater to each one's individual needs but to get them to meet you and their siblings half-way. She said it won't always work that way. But it's never too early to teach them how to compromise.

See, there are some pretty good mothers-in-law out there.


The Mother said...

I have four. Completely different. Oil and water. Fight like cats and dogs.


Someday, I hope, they'll realize that they have just a teeny-weeny amount of stuff in common.

Pootsie said...

Your description of each of the girls is perfect...and they really ARE good for each other...even if they don't always know it! xo