Scenic Sunday

Sunday, March 29, 2009
My blogging friend Miti at Pieces Of Me (yes, great minds think alike!!) has created a Sunday meme called "Scenic Sundays". Miti has encouraged her readers to stop and see the beauty that God has placed before us. It surrounds us but so often we are just too busy to see it. This is my first week participating and I'm happy to share my photo with you.

It's a picture of a sunset taken on Captiva Island, Florida in November 2008. My husband and I take our girls there each November to enjoy a week at our timeshare. When I say that the sunsets are spectacular, I am not doing them justice. They are indescribably breathtaking. One of the things we look most forward to each day during this vacation is our daily sunset walk. One look at the photo, and I'm sure you'll realize why.
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MamaBear said...

What a BEAUTIFUL photo!

Sounds like a great tradition you have. :)

Miti said...

I'm really glad you're joining me for Scenic Sundays. Your sunset photo is very beautiful indeed! Sounds like a perfect way of ending a day at the beach.