The annual holiday card disagreement

Friday, November 27, 2009
Well, it's officially the holiday season. Is it the kick-off of the shopping season that gives it away? Nope. It's the locking of horns that my husband and I have each year when I sit down to put the plan together for our holiday cards. Read here for last year's situation.

This year, I thought I'd get my own way since I caved last year. But no, hubby's still standing his ground. He wants the cards to be personalized in some way. They can be pre-printed, but he'd prefer me to write some sort of personal message to each recipient on the inside of the card. Ooooookay.

So, the other night I sit down and start my research at Tiny Prints. I see lots of cards that I love, but they are, of course, flat cards. We need a folded card, one with an inside. I don't like to write a sentiment on the back of a flat card. It just doesn't seem tasteful to me. Hours later, I finally find a folded card that I like. I personalize it and add the photo. Show it to hubby clearly thinking that he'll give me the thumbs up. Guess what? Not happenin'. He says he doesn't like the picture of the girls because they are not looking directly into the camera lens. Sheesh! Of all the things I think he'd care with which to have little involvement, he wants to be fully consulted.

Plan B: A full photo shoot tomorrow in the backyard. Watch for the card to be posted in the next week or so. {Fingers crossed, of course}.

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