Halloween Scenes

Monday, November 2, 2009
I can remember coming home from trick-or-treating with bags full of candy and very sore feet. I grew up in a small town, but it was a town. Lots and lots of houses, close together all within walking distance. You could hit a lot of houses in a short amount of time. We'd put on our plastic costumes that tied at the back of the neck and plastic masks (remember those?). We'd gather all the kids on the block, and we'd run from house to house trying to cover as much ground as we could before trick-or-treat ended.
Times sure have changed. Here in Jersey, trick-or-treat is all day long on Halloween. Yes, that's right. We had kids coming to our house as early as noon. Where I grew up trick-or-treat was between a set time of the night, usually 5-8 pm or something like that. You knew when to be home and when to expect your doorbell to be ringing like crazy. I can remember my mom buying countless bags of candy and counting the pieces so that she could know how many trick-or-treaters visited our house. It was in the hundreds. Fun!
At about 3 pm, the girls went outside to help hand out candy. This didn't last long. Only about 4 people came by before we went inside to get dressed. :(
My husband stayed behind this year while I took the girls out. He said we had about 10 kids. That's sad. Where was everyone? Did H1N1 keep everyone away? Perhaps. But it didn't stop us!

My pumpkin collage.

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