What I'm Crushing on This Week: Philosophy Fragrances

Monday, November 23, 2009
At the beginning of the last summer, I discovered some wonderful fragrances by the cosmetics company Philosophy. I thought they'd be perfect for the summer: light and fresh. You know that smell you have when you first get out of the shower? It's the soapy water smell that permeates the air. I love it! And now you can get it in a bottle!!
Philosophy's Pure Grace is a lighter, softer, crisper interpretation of their Amazing Grace. It's a blend of fresh blossoms and cool greens laced with frosty musk. How could it get better? The price! A 0.5 fl. oz. bottle costs only $15.

To test a spritz of this "amazing" fragrance, go to your nearest Sephora.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Thanks for the great comments today Sheila. I've got to get it in to gear too. We can do it!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend:)

BTW I'll have to check out that Grace perfume. I use their moisturizer...Hope in a Jar;)

April said...

I agree...love this. I got Nicole a gift set for her birthday.

Sheila said...

I just saw the gift set at qvc.com. I put it on my birthday list (or maybe my Secret Santa will get it for me)!