Do you Black Friday?

Monday, November 23, 2009
Are you a Black Friday bargain seeking fanatic? Do you miss out on all the Thanksgiving Day festivities because you have your head buried in the newspaper advertisements all day long? If so, you're not alone. Do you have a routine that you follow from year to year or do you mix it up each year? More importantly, what will be your plan of attack this year?

TwitterMoms and Target are offering bloggers the opportunity to win a $75 Target gift card just for blogging about their BF plan of attack. A $75 Target gift card sure would come in handy this time of year!!
I have never been one for braving the throngs of people who are willing to trample others to save $100 on a TV. However, some years, if the deals were good, I ventured out at 5 am in search of the ultimate bargain. Plus, it was a chance to be sans kids...this, sadly, was the biggest bonus of my shopping excursion.

My plan of attack this year is quite simple: hit the Midnight Madness sales. You know, the sales that start at midnight on Black Friday. After my husband and kids are asleep, I'll be shopping. I love this whole concept. It's brilliant! I'd most likely be awake anyway so why not use it productively? Rather than watch chick flicks until 2 am, I'll be squeezing in some holiday shopping. I'll start at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets. A new pair of Ugg boots is on Emma's list, so that'll be my first stop. After that, I'll hit The Gap, Converse, and maybe the Crocs outlet (although I hate them!). I'll head home to get some much needed sleep.

At around dinnertime, when everyone is home eating leftovers, I'll head to Target. It's another perfect time to shop. When everyone else is exhausted and starving, I'll be scooping up the bargains at Target!!

It's all in the timing, ladies.
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