Green with envy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
OK. I have to admit it. I have a good life. I live in a nice house in a nice town which just happens to be 2 miles from the beach. I drive a Mercedes, have all the latest techy toys, an awesome DSLR camera, great clothes and tons of shoes. A wonderful husband and adorable daughters. And, oh, did I mention, I get to have all of this and be a stay-at-home mom? In a nutshell, I don't want for much.

But every once in a while a friend does something, gets something or goes somewhere, and my pal Jealously rears her ugly head. Hey, listen, I'm not proud of it. I'm just being honest about it. Such was the case when my girlfriend Kim went to Paris last week with her husband for their anniversary. I was fine with it until I saw the pictures. Oh boy! Jealousy pulled up a chair and sat down for an afternoon of tea.

Oh, how I adore Paris. Just look at this cafe. Kim said she and her hubby had coffee and croissants here every morning. Raise your hand if you're jealous. {Both my hands are in the air!}

In front of Notre Dame Cathedral...

A Parisian sidewalk it! Love the street lamps.I love this picture. It's a great picture of Kim and a quintessential shot of Paris.
Here's Kim taking in one of her fave pieces at The Louvre.

That's it! I'm redeeming some of my husband's British Airways miles. Meet me in Paris!

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