Saturday, November 28, 2009
When we celebrate Thanksgiving with Henry's family, we've always done so at his sister Beverly's home. It made sense considering that she did a majority of the cooking and my mother-in-law lived with her. But this year and in the wake of my mother-in-law's passing in September, we needed a change of venue. It was time to mix it up a bit. And in hindsight, it was a good choice. A new house, new table meant that we weren't reminded of my mother-in-law missing from the head of the table.
It was a great day and an excellent meal. Our hosts, my nephew Geoff and his wife Patti (bottom, far left) were ever so gracious. It was flawless. Kudos to them.Excellent food. Lots of fun. And so much for which I am thankful! A perfect Thanksgiving!!

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