Making a move

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
We are coming upon the prime moving seasons, spring and summer. Moving can be difficult for the entire family but even more so for young children. The stresses of a new home and quite possibly a new town, new school or even a new state can be overwhelming for children. Children often feel powerless during a move. Take steps to keep them involved such as allowing them to choose and map out their own rooms.

These books are great resources for helping parents alleviate children's anxieties.

Big Ernie's New Home by Teresa and Whitney Martin
This book acknowledges the sadness and anxiety a young child may feel about moving.
Moving House by Anna Civardi. The simple pictures and text will help your kids open up about their concerns.

Moving with Kids by Lori Collins Burgan. A parents guide that's packed with tips to help make the move less stressful.

Once you make your big move, make time to help your children get acquainted with their new home and their new 'hood!

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Life Without Pink said...

OH wow wish I would of known about these. We just moved a few months ago, what a stressful time! Thanks for sharing.

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