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Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday: A Date

The goal of Theta Mom Thursday is to carve out one hour a month for yourself...without the kids!! Sounds easier than it actually is, but I'm up for the challenge, and so I'll be participating with other fantastic moms each month. Wanna join us? Click here for all the details!

After months of planning unsuccessfully, my husband and I were finally able to have a greatly needed and anxiously anticipated date. My daughters unexpectedly begged to stay overnight at my niece's house. Who was I to deprive them? I grabbed my Blackberry and called my niece to set the plans in motion.

After dropping the girls off with my niece, I was left wondering, "What now?". I have to admit, I'm a fish out of water without at least one of my children with me. It's an odd feeling at first. Because I am constantly catering to their needs and wants, I forget about my own. I forget who I am as a person when I am not in mothering mode. I quickly rectified that by stopping at Home Goods and shopping for some fun housewares. I spent 3 wonderful hours browsing slowly over the many fantastic items. I NEVER get to meander like that when the girls are with me. As I always say, "Shopping isn't shopping with children. It's popping. Popping in and out of stores."

After my shopping excursion, I headed home to find my husband ready to go out for dinner. I had no expectations of our night alone. I was thinking a casual night at home with some take out and wine. Imagine my surprise, when he told me to get dressed for a night out!

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were told the wait would be at least 90 minutes. We looked at each other hesitantly. Oh what the heck. We're in no rush. We decide to wait it out. It was, after all, our favorite place. For the next hour or so, we sat at the bar and chatted over cocktails...just like old times. It was so enjoyable to connect with each other on that level again. To catch up, to laugh, and to see each other as individuals rather than extensions of our children.

Our evening continued with our lingering over dinner, wine, and cappuccinos. I can't tell you how great it felt to enjoy a leisurely evening. It was so nice not to rush our dinner. So nice not to cut someone's dinner into little pieces. So nice not to have a table full of crumpled up baby wipes, broken crayons, and crushed goldfish crackers.

We are plotting our next night out...hopefully it won't take 4 months to make it a reality!

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Theta Mom said...

What is better than a date with the hubs and some good food and wine??? Awesome time out! Thanks so much for linking up!

Kel said...

Sounds like a great time! I don't think I've dressed up to go out since our wedding! :)

Life Without Pink said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful! It does feel weird though being without your kids though doesn't it? But it is so nice and refreshing especially a date with your hubby {like old times}. Now you have me thinking of the last time we did this....long time! Looks like a date night might be in the works :)

yonca said...

It's the best hanging out with hubs.Glad you had a great time out!

Michelle Pixie said...

Sounds MAGNIFICANT!! My hubby and I love to go to a restaurant here called the melting pot which is fondue because it takes a minimum 2 hours to get through one meal it is so slow paced that you have so much time to sit and visit and you never feel like you are being rushed out for the next diner to come in to eat it's the best. I love nights like that. Although I have to say yours sounds like bliss because you got to go home to an empty house and probably sleep in to boot! ;-)

Shari@Tales from the Sippy Cup said...

I am soo jealous! We need to get a date night on the books soon. Seems like everyone had one this month but me! Glad you had fun!

Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year said...

What a wonderful evening. I think the drinks at the bar are the best part. Before baby we would always arrive at the restaurant hoping to hit the bar for a few drinks before dinner. Now it's all about hurrying to get home for bath and bedtime routines.
Nice post!

Unknown said...

These date nights are just amazing, aren't they?? Once we have them, we can't believe it's been so long.. It sounds like your time out was amazing! So glad you got to enjoy such a fun time out!

Small Burst said...

Good for you! I just had date night with DH last week after 3 months! It sure is nice to get away now and then.

Beth said...

Got to love a great night out!!