Tropicana Juicy Rewards Program

Monday, March 29, 2010
Do you buy Tropicana products? Are you aware of their Juicy Rewards Program? Tropicana is my brand of choice for orange juice. Over the past several months, I've seen the Juicy Rewards Program advertised on the cartons but only recently looked into it and how it can benefit me.

The rewards program works like this:
You earn rewards points for buying cartons of Tropicana juices. Each lid has a 10 digit unique code printed on the underside. First, you must register (no charge)  at Tropicana Juicy Rewards.

After registration, you can begin to enter your codes, and once the codes are entered, your Juicy Insider account is credited with the number of points for that product. To enter codes, you can either text the code to TROPOJ (876765) or you can enter it at the Tropicana Juicy Rewards Web site.

Rewards include free games of bowling, discounted admission to zoos, museums and attractions, coupons for a percentage off your purchase for national retailers such as Adidas, Coleman, and Harrahs Resorts, or you can donate rewards points to save a rainforest. To view a list of participating rewards in your area, click here.

What are you waiting for? You're going to buy the orange juice anyway. Why not get something more than a delicious beverage out of it?

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