Snow day

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Last Friday was a snow day. This is nothing new. It was the 4th one this winter. They seem like fun at the time, but now I'm left wondering when these snow days will be made up. There are rumblings of snow days being made up on Saturdays. Yes, weekend school.

Back to the snow day. It was the first time this winter that the snow was perfect for making snow people. I have bad memories of making snow people. Balls falling apart. Balls rolling off of balls. But this snow was so desirable that we made 3 snow people. Plus, it was sunny and no wind. We easily stayed outside for 2 hours, happily rolling away.
We decided to get creative with our snow girls by adding crowns, necklaces, fancy bags and flower leis. It was fun!
To the snow mama, we added an apron, chef's hat, and a hand mitt!
We really had a lot of fun making our snow girls. But I have to admit...I'm ready for Spring!


Bren said...

very creative indeed. love the pocketbook on the girls limb.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Lovely snow girls indeed! The one with the crown on her head looks adorable! :D