Setting a good example

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
If you're not convinced that your children learn by example and from your actions, just watch them while they play. Children are notorious for imitating grownups during play. I had the pleasure of eavesdropping on my daughter on Saturday morning while she played house and school.

After watching Harper in action as a teacher, I now know that her teachers are patient, tolerant and kind. One of her students threw something across the room, but Miss Harper didn't get upset. She nicely asked her student not to throw the block again. Through her play, I see how her teachers react to and address behavioral issues.

After playing school, Harper moved on to playing house. She made breakfast for her baby and cleaned the house. Afterwards, it was time to go to the store. Harper set up 4 chairs and put a baby carrier on one of the chairs for her baby. She sat in the driver's seat and proceeded to drive to the grocery store. While driving to the store, she loudly exclaimed, "Turn, lady. Go!"

Oh boy! I quickly realized that I go through my day being the person I am. For the most part, that person is a calm person who uses good judgment and abstains from using foul language in the presence of her children. But, as every parent knows, there are times when your patience is pushed to the limit and your tolerance is put to the test. It's in these situations that the worst parts of us surface and our children are the unfortunate witnesses to it.

I will definitely think twice before lashing out into a mild road rage. Children are keen observers who see and hear everything...most often when we think they are paying no attention at all.


Jamie said...

Hi. Visiting from TMC. Like your blog, can't wait to read more. Hope you have an amazing day! Jamie

Pootsie said...

HA HA HA! That is a great story! Don't we all have stories like this! I had a good laugh at this one!