The Best Web Hosting Sites at your Fingertips

Monday, January 16, 2012
This year, I'll be migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress. That migration means I'll need to find a web host, an independent site to host my domain. What seemed like a daunting task was made so much easier with the help of Web Hosting Fan, an independent hosting review and ranking website. If you are looking for a web hosting provider, look no further than Web Hosting Fan. has compiled a list of the top 10 most trusted and reliable web hosting providers. It would take hours, maybe days to do this type of research on my own. In addition to the link of providers, there are also reviews for each of the top 10 and a comprehensive list of FAQs.

What I love about is that the list of the top 10 providers is compiled in a spreadsheet-like format which includes columns for price, rating, year founded, and how long the user has to use the site before he/she requests a refund. All of this information is extremely helpful to those looking for a host, and presenting it in such a way makes the search even easier and more pleasant than it might otherwise be.

Don't spend hours poring over web sites looking for the best host for your site.Let your search begin and end with Web Hosting Fan.

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