A First: Daisy Meeting

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Harper was so excited to join Girl Scouts this year. But her excitement was quickly diminished when she learned that she hadn't immediately been placed into a Daisy troop due to the overwhelming demand. We waited patiently, and by the end of November, we had learned that Harper was in a troop!!

She attended a holiday event with her fellow Daisies, but due to every one's busy holiday schedules, there hadn't been a meeting since she became a troop member...until Saturday.

The girls designed their folders.

They practiced their pledge and sign. They learned new songs. They had a snack and chatted with new friends. And, they received all the information for the Girl Scout cookie sale! Harper is so excited to hit the pavement and start selling!

The best part? When we got in the car to leave the meeting, she didn't want to go. :( She loves Daisies and can't wait for the next meeting!

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