The New Trend at Baby Showers: Gender Cupcakes

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Move over fancy baby shower cake. There's a new kid in town: the gender specific cupcake!

I love this idea. I wish my hostess had thought of it 10 years ago when I was pregnant. Oh, God, was it really ten years ago? Anyway...

Rather than a cake, you serve these adorable and inventive gender-specific cupcakes to surprise your guests with the baby's gender (if you care to reveal it, of course). I COULD NOT keep a secret when I was pregnant. I wanted to tell everyone that it was a girl...both times! I wish I had done it by way of a cupcake. How stinkin' cute are these?

On the outside they look like any other cupcake.

The inside, however, is a completely different story. A creamy pink or blue filling is added to the center to reveal the gender of the baby!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Did you have a fun and creative way of revealing your baby's gender to family and friends?

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