A New Year & Making Changes

Sunday, January 1, 2012
A new year often brings change. For  many people it means reinventing themselves. While I am not going so far as to reinvent myself, I will be making some changes. I am disclosing everything here with the hope that having it in words for everyone to read will make me more accountable for my actions (or lack thereof).

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise
I am such a yo-yo exerciser. I am gung-ho for months, and then I lose all motivation. The Hubs and I joined a great gym at the end of August, and I was on a roll until we left for vacation mid-November. We returned. Kids were sick. I became sick. And the rest is history. I haven't been to the gym since November 8th. Gasp!

This year I am VOWING to be a regular fixture at the gym, but not to be fanatical. If I overdue it, I lose all interest. I am going to try some classes and mix up my routine in hopes of not becoming bored.

2. Work, create, produce
In 2011, I started to monetize my blog. I've earned some money...a few bits and pieces here and there. My goal for 2012 is to reach new heights in my blog monetization. I want to grow my readership, create new business alliances via my blog, and produce great content.

3. Live, love, laugh
As with my business goals, my personal goals are just as important to me. I want to knock a few items off my "bucket list" this year. One of the biggies is sky diving. Ahhhh! Yes! I am finally going to take the plunge...literally. On Christmas day, my niece Lindsay and I committed to doing this in 2012. I want to pour myself into my family and enjoy every moment with friends.

4. Everyday importances
And then there are the every day goals. Keep my home organized and clean, follow a weekly meal plan, cut household costs, eat a healthier diet, drink more water and less diet soda (ugh!), savor the little things. They are the small things but no less important than the big ticket goals.

I am now officially accountable!

How about you? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2012?

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