Conquering My Fears: The Eyelash Curler

Friday, January 20, 2012
I've deemed 2012 the year that I will conquer my fears (well, most of them). Look for a post called 12 in 2012 where I map out the fears I hope to accomplish this year.

Ever since I've been wearing makeup, I have been scared to death of eyelash curlers. I'm not kidding. They even look like little monsters. This one looks as if it's ready to attack.
And when someone else is doing my makeup, I silently panic when I see the eyelash curler. I try to hide my fear of that contraption taking out one of my eyes. Makeup artists must think I'm a total freak.

On Sunday, I decided, on a whim while browsing cosmetics at Target, that I will be scared no more. I will buy an eyelash curler. And I will use it, dammit.

I won't lie. I was almost trembling the first time I used it. But today, after using it for 5 days, it's a piece of cake. I love the way my lashes look.

As is the case with most fears we conquer, I am left wondering, "What took me so long?"

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