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Monday, March 9, 2015
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Have you ever stepped into your car only to be greeted by a foul smell? Maybe you've put off that thorough car cleaning a bit too long. Or you're procrastinating and waiting for another family member to take the reigns and clean it.

I've done all of the above and worse. As much as I try to keep my car clean, I generally fail terribly at it. Despite the number of hours we spend in my car each week, keeping it clean falls low on my list of priorities. I never seem to have enough time to swing into the car wash for a quick vacuum.

The Starbucks cups, protein bar wrappers, empty water bottles, and more become strewn throughout the car and can be a recipe for some funky smells. Add to that sweaty girls post-gymnastics workouts, and it can be downright unbearable in my car at times.

I've tried those dangling-from-the-rearview-mirror car fresheners. They are either too strong, too weak, or they work for the first day and lose their scent thereafter. They aren't effective at neutralizing odors, and the unpleasant scents are a turn off.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of car odors, I decided to try the Febreze Car Vent Clip. I've seen the vent clips during many trips to Walmart, but I had never tried them until now.

Febreze Vent Clips have become my secret weapon against all those unwanted odors. No more musty wet towel smell after days spent at the beach and pool. No more leftover stenches of athletic clothes. Or how about when you drive by a dead skunk and that smell stays with you? Eww. Yep. Febreze Vent Clips take care of skunk odor too.

They are super easy to install. Once you take it out of its package, you activate the scent, and clip it to a vent. I chose a vent that is on the dashboard. For a smaller car, one vent clip should suffice. But if you have a larger car such as a van or SUV, you may want to add two vent clips. I have an SUV, so I added one to the front dash and one to a vent in the very rear passenger area.

I can recall a particularly smelly incident with my car. We accidentally left one of the back windows cracked overnight, and it unexpectedly rained. The next morning (and for days to follow), my car smelled like standing water. almost swamp-like. Febreze Vent Car Clips would have been the perfect way to rid the car of the awful odor.

Are you planning a road trip for Spring Break? Stock up on Febreze Vent Clips before you go. Add two Febreze Vent Clips to the car when you have carpool duty for your son's baseball team or your daughter's softball team. Febreze Vent Clips allow you to take the comfort of a fresh-smelling home on the road!

Febreze Vent Clips last up to 30 days and are easily replaced. Simply unclip the old one and replace it with a new clip. You can buy a single clip at Walmart and get another clip free when you use the offer in Sunday's (3/1) brandSAVER insert in the Sunday paper.


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