Top Tips For Planning A Perfect Family Day Out

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
As a parent myself, I understand how challenging it can be to pull off a flawless family excursion, even those that are just day trips. The truth is you can’t possibly plan for everything. Unfortunately, tears and tantrums will happen from time to time. But, what you can do is put effort into the parts that are within your control so that the likelihood of unhappy children and fed up parents is minimal. This will allow each one of you to enjoy these family experiences which, after all, are designed to be fun! 

Here are my top tips for planning the perfect family day out.

Get the whole family involved in the planning and decision-making
The planning of family activities shouldn’t rest all on one person’s shoulders. If your children are old enough, they should be involved in these fun family plans. Indeed, your partner should also be there to help and provide suggestions for these occasions. When you make plans as a family, it releases some of the pressure off you and makes everyone feel included.

Keep it simple
I often find myself stressing about travel, activities, timing, food and all sorts of things before a family excursion. Most of the time I’m stressed because I’ve made plans that are far more complicated than they need to be. Keep things as simple and straightforward as possible for a stress-free time. Pick one or two activities per outing and do them properly. It can be tempting to try and squeeze in as much as possible in order to avoid periods where the kids might get bored. Focus on quality rather than quantity for a far more relaxing and enjoyable trip. Additionally, choose attractions, restaurants and cafes that are in proximity to avoid having to take long journeys in between.

Arrange as much as you can in advance
If there is anything you can easily organize in advance of your family excursion, do it! Take food for example. You may wish to prepare a picnic lunch or stop at a a favorite restaurant along the way. You can check out menus online before you go or review the latest KFC menu prices as well as other popular food destinations to peruse what’s available and how much you’ll be spending.

You may also be able to book tickets for transport and attractions in advance. This will ensure you beat long lines and avoid missing out on things you and your family want to do on your trip. Bags can be packed the night before with snacks, drinks, maps and things to keep the kids occupied while you are traveling.

Prepare for the unexpected
Try to be as prepared for unexpected events as you can. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on enjoying the day. For example, you may wish to bring waterproof clothing in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Summer rain showers can come out of no where. You might also want to arm yourself with a couple of backup plan ideas in case venues are closed, or restaurants are busy.

Relax and have fun!
We all know that when we are uptight we are irritable. The fact is, you’ve put lots of effort into making this a wonderful family excursion, and so you can now relax and concentrate on spending quality time with your loved ones.

Please share your tips too!  

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