Monday, May 11, 2015
Today is Emma's 13th birthday, and while this particular number fills me with a sort of fear and dread, it also fills me with excitement and wonder.

These can be very trying years as she experiences many physical and emotional changes. These years can also be challenging as she starts to exert her independence and push limits. But they can also be very rewarding years as well.

Here are my wishes for my daughter on her 13th birthday:

1. To know that she is never alone although she may feel like she is. I am always here for her whether she needs me to listen or to talk.

2. To know that she'll encounter lots of drama from now until the end of high school (and even beyond). That drama may seem like a big deal now, but in the whole scheme of things, it's not important.

3. To know that it's perfectly ok to say "no" without explanation to anyone.

4. To know that communication is key. Once you stop talking, a breakdown begins. Whether it's with a friend, a parent, her sibling, or anyone else, keep the lines of communication open.

5. To know that she should go confidently in the direction of her dreams.

6. To know that we love and support her in any decision she makes.

Happy 13th birthday, big girl!

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