Totally Take Care Of Your Family with LISTERINE® Mouthwashes

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Disclosure: I received LISTERINE® Brand products and a Walgreens gift card from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, INC. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® Brand Totally Taken Care Of program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

It's not difficult to tell that summer is on its way. The days are getting warmer and longer. As soon as homework is complete, my girls head outdoors and don't come back in until dinner time. And after dinner, it's back outside they go.

Not only does summer usher in the warm days, it also brings plenty of opportunities to enjoy ice cold sweet treats such as ice cream and popsicles. If I didn't put my foot down, my kids would eat popsicles for every meal in the summer.

Add all those sugary popsicles to relaxed routines and you've got a recipe for a mouth full of cavities. This summer LISTERINE® and Walgreens are helping me and my family take the necessary precautions to protect our teeth with LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE ZERO, AND LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® mouthwashes.

These mouthwashes are simple solutions for busy families on the go to help ensure that you've got all your dental hygiene bases covered.

LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE is a complete mouthwash that offers the following unique benefits:

  • Strengthens teeth
  • Prevents cavities
  • Restores enamel
  • Cleans your whole mouth
  • Kills the germs that cause bad breath
  • Freshens breath
For little mouths, LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® is a post-brush flouride mouth rinse designed for ages 6-12 that provides 12-hour cavity protection. LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® helps to tint food particles and bacteria left behind long after eating, leaving proof in the sink of a cleaner mouth. LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® is themed so it adds an element of fun to rinsing. Available in Frozen, Avengers, and Barbie varieties.

But a safe, healthy, and happy summer doesn't begin and end with your oral health. With lots of time spent outdoors, there are bound to be cuts and scrapes and time in the sun. Be prepared with plenty of BAND-AIDS® and Neosporin® to treat those minor cuts, scratches, scrapes, and burns. I keep a supply of Neosporin® and BAND-AIDS® in my purse at all times.

And DO NOT forget the sunscreen! There is nothing worse than a fun, carefree day spent at the beach or pool that ends with a painful sunburn. Avoid it altogether with Neutrogena® COOLDRY SPRORT Sunscreen Spray. It's easy to apply, water-resistant, and offers complete protection.

Be prepared and take care of your family all summer long by stocking up on these products available at your local Walgreens.

Summers are busy, and with everyone running in different directions and on different schedules, it's important to have some sort of consistency from day to day. I have a few tips to share that keep me and my family on track throughout the summer months.
  1. Try to go to sleep and wake at roughly the same time each day. Be sure to incorporate routine teeth brushing and rinsing into your morning and nightly routines.
  2. Keep a small first aid kit with you at all times. Be sure to include alcohol wipes, BAND-AID®s, and Neosporin® in the kit to quickly treat cuts and minor scrapes.
  3. Always wear sunscreen. Make it a habit to put it on at least 30 minutes before exposure. Whether you are out for a quick stroll or plan to spend the entire day outdoors, alway wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  4. Whatever your plans, have fun and enjoy your family time!

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