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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
As each summer approaches, I have a hankering to read. Lazy afternoons spent at the pool, beach, or on my deck or front porch are the perfect opportunities to curl up with a good book. I have always loved to read, but I haven't done much of it lately. I blame it on not having enough time to read, but honestly, I haven't found the right book, and I need to make more of an effort to tear myself away from the computer.
This summer, we have lots of reading planned. From entertaining to educational, the girls and I have our bases covered. Every few weeks I will be sharing what each of us is reading at that particular moment. From the mom to the teen to the tween, you'll get a glimpse into our bookshelf and the books that we are currently loving. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration for some summer reading.
What I'm Reading: Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella
I have long loved Kinsella's Shopaholic series. They are light, easy, and witty reads that will have you falling in love with the lead character Becky Bloomwood almost immediately.

What Emma's Reading: 
The Trouble with Half a Moon by Danette Vigilante
This is a tale of triumph and healing and how one family pulls itself back together after a horrible accident.

What Harper's Reading: 
Game Time, Mallory! by Laurie Friedman
Harper's been loving the Mallory series. She's already read three of the books in the series and has been eager to keep going.

What are you reading?

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