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Friday, May 1, 2015
This week has really kicked my butt. I helped my neighbor out of a jam by filling in for his office manager at his acupuncture practice a few times this week. Very neighborly of me, dontcha think? Add that to my regular work-at-home responsibilities, and the only way to describe my week is this way: "burning the candle at both ends". Now both of those ends have met, and I am sooooo ready for the weekend. It's supposed to be a beauty, and I've got lots of outdoorsy stuff planned as well as a little indoor Netflix binge watching.

I did manage to sneak out for a bit on Wednesday and hit the beach for my lunch break. It was heavenly. The warm sun and a gentle breeze were just what I needed to power me through the remainder of the week.

Here's what made me happy this week:
{A blowout with beach waves and a middle part}

{I scoped out a new coffee joint and love it!} 

{A perfect pairing: iced coffee and the beach}

{The cutest sugar cookie EVER}

{There is nothing more glorious than spring in the northeast}
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