4 Simple Ways To Make Your Kitchen Family-Friendly

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
As a mom, life can be incredibly hectic - I’m sure all moms can agree. We are busy all of the time. If we aren’t working, then we are usually driving the little ones back and forth, doing housework, and squeezing in a little time for ourselves.

Of course, we know that being busy is a normal part of being a mom, and I'm fine with that. In fact, I wouldn't want it any other way. However, as a busy mom, I do like to make things as easy for myself as possible so that life is just a little bit less stressful.

One area of our homes that can become inundated with just about anything is the kitchen. With so many things going on at once, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our kitchen is the heart of our home. We spend most of our time in our kitchen, so I want it to be as streamlined as possible. Here are a few of the ways I've made my kitchen more mom-friendly.

1. Kitchen Stool
Once your children get to a certain age and can do things for themselves, such as get themselves a drink, you don’t want to be doing it for them. Adding a children’s stool allows your children the freedom to reach to counter and sink height and empowers them to do more from themselves. It also gives your children a little bit of independence, and you some much-needed rest.

2. Reminder Board
When there are so many things you need to keep track of, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Having a reminder board to stick things or write notes on is a must; it will make your life much easier. From play dates to work meetings to appointments, a dry-erase or bulletin board is ideal for staying on top of everything. Keeping the reminder board in a central location such as the kitchen makes it easy to pop appointments on to the board as they are made.

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3. Multi-functional Blender
In our busy lives, we often reach for the quickest snack and meals possible. Whether you've had a long day at work or you've been lounging at the pool enjoying a summer day with your family, you want to be able to put together a healthy meal or snack quickly. You don’t want to spend any longer than necessary preparing a meal; that’s why a blender is such an amazing gadget to have.

We use ours for everything from making smoothies to preparing sauces for pasta to making marinades for grilling meats. If you are making a salad, use a multifunctional blender to slice and dice vegetables. Within 30 seconds, all of your veggies will be sliced and diced and ready to go - a perfect hack for any mom.

As well as being great for quickly preparing dinner, blenders are also perfect for busy school mornings. When everything is going wrong, all you have to do is pop some fruit and milk into the blender and voila, you have a yummy breakfast for the kids.

4. Coffee Machine
Most of us moms need a coffee to start the day, but with so many other things to do before the school run, there isn’t always time to make it. However, if you invest in an automatic coffee machine that can be pre-set the night before, your coffee will be waiting for you when you walk into kitchen.

There are various coffee machine brands to choose from, but one of the best is Breville, their machines brew great coffee. As well as buying a coffee machine, make sure to also get some generic Breville espresso machine cleaning tablets. Coffee machines can go moldy inside if they aren’t regularly cleaned out, so it’s crucial that you clean yours.

Some people also swear by Espresso makers. I've heard that Delonghi and Breville Espresso makers are worth considering.

As a mom it isn’t always easy to keep on top of everything, so making things easier for yourself is a must. The kitchen can be a very stressful environment, especially when you are trying to get the kids ready for school and yourself ready for your day. Making your kitchen as mom-friendly as possible will go a long way to starting and ending your day on a high note.

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