Tips For Finding The Perfect Shed for Your Yard

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
I've been sharing a few ideas for how to get the outside of your home summer-ready. From how to make the most of your back yard to how to organize a summer barbecue, you can find helpful tips for impressing guests or relaxing by yourself in the comfort of your back yard in both of these posts.

Today, we're talking about outdoor sheds. If you're looking for a new shed for your yard, you want to want to find the perfect model to accommodate your needs. The right shed can be used for many purposes. From somewhere to store your things, to work, to read, or relax, a shed can be multi-functional. Some people even use their sheds as a place to entertain their guests!
How Will You Use the Shed?
Think of the ways you’ll use your shed to help you find the perfect model. If you’re only using it to store things, you’ll probably need something quite basic. If you plan on using it for relaxing or entertaining, you’ll need something larger, more sturdy, and more expensive. Start by making a list of the ways you plan to use the shed. Take this list shopping with you and ask for advice from an expert. The right shed will not only be practical, but enhance your yard too!

How Much Room Do You Have?
You’re limited to the amount of room you have when it comes to installing your shed. Make sure you use a tape measure so you know exactly how much room you’ve got to play with. You might not want to use all of the space you have for a shed, or you may want to fill it up. It’s totally up to you.

What’s Your Budget?
You should never pick a shed based on your budget alone. Ideally, you want to go for value for your money rather than the cheapest model. Going for the cheapest model could be a big mistake as many of them lack quality and sturdiness! Make sure you work out your budget and stick to it. That being said, some places will offer payment plans so you can pay your shed off over a set period of time, and this time of year is a great time to shop around for a shed that is on clearance.

Research Online
Doing some preliminary research online can be effective, but always look in person first so you know what kind of shed you’re ultimately getting. Always read the reviews to ensure that it’s high quality and to see what others have said. You might even find that if you find a good deal online, you might be able to get an offline dealer to match it. Try haggling and see what happens!

See It in Person
Look at sheds in person to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. You might prefer a barn style shed over something smaller and more compact.

The material of your shed will affect the price and how long it lasts. Wooden sheds can look good, but they can rot if you live in an area known for its bad weather. Metal sheds are sturdier, but they don’t always look nice and can rust easily if you live in an climate with ample rainfall. You need to weigh in on the pros and cons of different types of materials, how you plan to use the shed, and your climate.

Ready to go out and enhance your yard with the perfect shed? Use these tips and you should find the perfect model! If you find one that you love, please share a picture with us!

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