Best Online Reads

Thursday, July 16, 2015
The ten stories I am loving from around the Web this week:

1. Lay's reveals it's four crazy potato chip flavors via

2. The characteristics that set a Jersey girl apart from the rest via Elite Daily.

3. Seven surprising foods that make you tired via HuffPost Lifestyle.

4. Ways to make life simpler via Tiny Buddha.

5. Nine incredible things you can do with a plastic hanger via HuffPost Home.

6. Amazing coffee artwork via Honestly WTF.

7. The real meanings of things we say via Bored Panda.

8. How to stop apologizing for everything and how to start using your voice unapologetically via Clementine Daily.

9. Five ways to style a headboard via The Everygirl.

10. A frozen white chocolate cocktail that will hit the spot this summer via Coastal Living.

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