What I Am Currently Watching On Netflix

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Netflix has a way of drawing you into its clutches and never letting go. It happened to me about a year ago when I finally subscribed after seeing everyone else gush about it on social media. Ever since, I have watched dozens of documentaries, movies, and TV shows that I wouldn't otherwise have had access to.

From exclusive shows (House of Cards) to shows that have long been cancelled (Brothers & Sisters) to obscure documentaries (Joanna), Netflix has a little something for everyone's binge-watching needs.

Here are the six things I am currently watching on Netflix.
1. Take Me Home
If you are a fan of Parenthood, specifically of Joel (Julia's husband), you'll want to watch this movie. Sam Jaeger stars in and directs this romantic comedy about the road less traveled. When a young woman finds out that her ailing father has taken a turn for the worst, she runs out of her NYC apartment to the first cabbie she finds and asks him to drive her California. An unforgettable trip awaits her.

2. Lions: Spy in the Den
In the wake of the unfortunate and unnecessary death of Cecil the Lion, I've developed an obsession with learning more about these beautiful and fascinating creatures. Get an up close and personal look at the king of the beasts.

3. White Collar
Two words: Matt Bomer. Hello. Why has no one told me about this TV series? An FBI agent and an ex-con team up to stop scheming white collar criminals in NYC. If nothing else, Matt Bomer is certainly a treat for the eyes.

4. Dogs with Jobs
This Canadian documentary television series explores the many ways dogs from all over the world perform extraordinary tasks to come to the aid of those in need every day. Not only do we get a glimpse into how they help others perform their jobs but we also see how these dogs touch the lives of those they serve.

5. Bloodline
This original Netflix series follows the adult siblings of the Rayburn family in Florida. Long-kept secrets are revealed and lives turned upside down when the black sheep of the family returns.

6. Austin to Boston
Satisfy your craving for wanderlust with this documentary about four bands hitting the road to play gigs from Austin to Boston after wrapping up the SXSW festival. It's a mesmerizing look at life on the road and into rural US towns.

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