7 Reasons To Take Your Family To South Seas Island Resort

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
We recently returned from a family vacation to South Seas Island Resort in Captiva, Florida. We've been going to SSIR every November for over 15 years, and I can't think of a better place to take the family for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation.

There are so many family-friendly activities to keep everyone happy and occupied for your entire vacation.
Here are 7 reasons you need to book your next family vacation at South Seas Island Resort.

1. World Class Pools
What kid vacationing in sunny Florida isn't in search of the best pool ever? South Seas has three pools available for all resort guests and many of the individual accommodations have private pools for guests to enjoy as well. The main pool area, H2O Pool Complex, offers a variety of pools including one with slides, a restaurant, poolside wait service, and a brand new Tiki bar that serves up tasty concoctions in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic varieties.

2. Pristine Beaches
Whether you go to frolic in the water or enjoy the stunning sunsets, Sunset Beach offers you plenty of relaxation and fun. Fully equipped with beach chairs, umbrellas, and towels, Sunset Beach is the best place to set down with a good book and spend the day. Light snacks, beverages, and cocktails are available, and sports and water equipment are available to rent.

3. ScoutAbout
ScoutAbout is a uniquely-designed, scavenger-like tour, chock-full of fun-filled learning experiences. ScoutAbout was initially launched at South Seas and can also be enjoyed at 8 other resorts throughout Florida and the Caribbean. ScoutAbout sends guests on an adventurous quest to find landmarks and points of interest all over the resort. I love how it takes you off the beaten path to discover places and parts of nature that you may not normally see during your vacation. Once children complete the program, they get their name on the "Wall of Fame".

4. Captiva Cruises
Captiva Cruises is an excursion boat company that operates a number of different tours. Our favorite is the dolphin cruise and wildlife cruise. It truly is a wonder to see these beautiful, graceful creatures in the wild. On our most recent trip to Captiva, we were delighted with quite a show of playful dolphins.

5. Skully's Recreation Center
When you need a break from the sun, head to Skully's for some good fun in the form of arcade games, air hockey, and a fully-equipped playroom. No matter what age you are, you'll find plenty of fun at Skully's. Skully's is also home to special activities and events for guests, including spin art and bracelet making.

6. Scoops and Slices
A fun fifties-themed diner-style restaurant that serves up kids' favorites including pizza (by the pie or slice), chicken fingers, garlic bread, and scoops of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sundaes, and floats. Indulge your sweet tooth with candy by the bin full.

7. Sanibel Sea School
This satellite campus is located within the heart of South Seas Island Resort and offers guests of all ages the opportunity to explore the beaches, mangroves, and seagrass beds. Sanibel Sea School is the best way to learn about the unique ecosystems of southwest Florida in a hands-on environment. There's something new to explore each day, and Sanibel Sea School is a great way to keep the learning alive while you are on vacation.

For more information about South Seas Island Resort, visit the Web site.

This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to share my love of my all-time favorite travel destination with my readers.

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